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To make the Chinese girl come, a man needs to stimulate her clitoris by fingering her while she is not yet awake. This type of sexual intercourse does not occur when a woman is completely asleep. The Chinese girl can control her arousal by the time of day. The most arousing times for her are the early morning hours and during the nighttime hours. She will most likely become aroused and become very vulnerable to getting aroused by your touch it at the same time. If you can come up with a technique that gives her squirting orgasms, then you have a good chance of making her come again.

If you want to make her come, it is important that you do not get bored with the stimulation that you are giving her. Her clitoris can be a little sensitive, so do not continue to try to be too aggressive with your fingers. She can come over and you will only tire her out. Try to keep it fun and at the same time you will be adding to her arousal. When you are trying to give her squirting orgasms, remember to gently stroke her clitoris while stimulating her g-spot at the same time. The result will be several intense orgasms at the same time. Most of the time when you stimulate her clitoris, the g-spot will become aroused as well.


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