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Many guys will find it hard to get a girl to climax. They have trouble during lovemaking because they simply lack the skills necessary to achieve this. Many times the issue comes down to some poor advice from inexperienced individuals or poor techniques that do not result in pleasing the woman in the bedroom. But if you take the time to learn some new techniques that are specifically designed to make her climax then you can have an even better chance of having her come in your mouth and make her come again.

The first technique that I want to discuss is known as J-O-B-S (Just about J-O-B-S) which means that the man must be content with a full and juicy pussy after coming from her mouth. Women simply love being swallowed full. This will make her feel like she has been given the best pleasure that she has ever had in her life. This will also make her orgasm a lot more easily.

Another simple technique is called the Reverse Climax. All that is required for this is that the man must be in control of himself during lovemaking and know how to make his partner come from his mouth. A good way to go about doing this is to start with a deep blowjob and build up to it later on. Make sure that you give her an abundance of breast milk so that she never feels deprived.

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