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When you finally get to make love to your boyfriend for the first time, and he doesn’t come over and celebrate with you, it’s a very scary moment for you. You might be so excited that you think your boyfriend just dumped you, but as it turns out, your boyfriend has just had his first “real” date with someone else. It’s pretty intimidating to be on your own after your boyfriend has been with another woman. You have a lot of feelings about him, but you don’t want to lose him forever and you can’t fathom that you’ve never made him come over for a real first date.

But when you finally manage to make love to your boyfriend for the first time, and he comes over to celebrate with you, there is a strong chance that he hasn’t been with anyone else. The first time you see him is only the first step in a long and exciting relationship.

There are many women who get nervous when they start seeing their boyfriends for the first time, because they fear that they’ll lose him and go back to their old boyfriend. But with this new relationship, you can become closer than ever and not worry about losing him and going back to the guy who cheated on you.


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