Young College Babe Lets Me Record Her On My Phone


So I was chatting to a girl online and this Young College Babe came on and said she would let me record her on my phone. We went through the whole script and I was actually kind of annoyed. I told her I didn’t want to record her and she said, “What do you mean? Don’t you have a camera at home? I’ll give you a camera for free.”

She goes on to say that she had been fantasizing about having sex with this College Babe for some time and she finally said yes. I was annoyed again and we proceeded to go to her apartment. Now this girl was kind of low key. It’s the kind of place where there’s not much happening and everything looks pretty similar. She brought me in and we talked and she pulled out this camera from under her dress.

This Young College Babe looked so sexy as she held it up and said she was going to record her and that she wanted to make it look real. Anyway, as she says, she had to use a fake name and address and I ended up getting her number.


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